Climb & Spin Pole Dance Education


Mission Statement

At Climb & Spin we offer more than just a pole dance certification. We offer comprehensive pole dance education. We are committed to legitimizing our industry by training the most highly qualified pole dance instructors; proficient in the art and sport of pole dancing and the ability to teach with skill, enthusiasm, creativity, compassion and inspiration. t


Climb & Spin Method

Climb & Spin Method takes the guess-work out of teaching pole dance

  • effectively structure a 1-hour multi-level drop-in class
  • teach skills progressively so that clients build strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination and confidence before advancing to more challenging skills
  • teach proper biomechanics to avoid injury
  • teach technique with clarity
  • cue your students effectively
  • spot clients
  • teach and challenge students of varying fitness levels and pole experience in the context of a 1-hour  or 1.5-hour class


Pole Foundation

Climb & Spin is the foundation for our entire method of pole dance training. It is a systematic and progressive approach to teaching multi-level, drop-in classes where each student is challenged based on their individual fit- ness level. 

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Certifications Available


Basic/ Beginner Pole Dance Certification



20-hr workshop

Online Certification testing

Online Pre Workshop quiz

Online study guide manual

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Pole Fitness Certification



20-hr Workshop

Online Certification Testing

Online Pre workshop quiz

Online Study Guide Manual

ALL LEVELS but best for Intermediate students

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Beginner - Intermediate Exotic Pole Certification



12-hr workshop

Online Certification test

Online Pre Workshop quiz

Online study guide manual


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