Pole Classes

Basic/ Beginner Pole Dance

Suggested first class at NY Pole.  Learn the basic fundamentals of spinning and climbing the static pole.  Light, fun choreography will be taught to connect the spinning and climbing.

Exotic Pole Dance (Beg/ Int)

Learn fun Exotic flow style choreography while building strength and stamina on the pole. High heels are mandatory and knee pads are highly recommended.  Leggings or stockings are good to have in your bag, just in case.  Students should have some pole experience prior to attending this class.

Pole Tricks

This class requires a testing/ pass process prior to attending. Please email NYPDstaff@gmail.com for more information about testing into Pole Tricks. 

Pole Fitness

After a good warm up, this class will include climbs, spins, drills, basic floor inverts & exercises to help you master the Beginner thru Intermediate fundamentals of pole dancing.  This class has no choreography and is more of a exercise class that covers the workout part of pole dancing.  Not a good class for first time students.

Spinning Pole (Beg/ Int)

This class is not for first timers!  This class will cover all upright moves, spins and climbs.  No inverts. Students will learn a short combination on the spinning pole and will have time to practice what they have learned.

Exotic Pole Dance (Adv)

Knee Pads & High heels are mandatory!  Must have pole dance experience, this is an advanced class.  This class typically covers the same choreography from the around the beginning to the end of the month (approximately 4 wks).  Fairly long choreography, incorporating  some inversions, advanced spins, handstands and other intermediate/ advanced moves in a exotic style routine.

Non Pole classes

Stretch/ Flexibility

This is not a contortion class, but you will be pushed by safely encouraging students to work up to doing splits & back bends.  This class is for all levels and will incorporate mobility training, movement-type stretching, static stretching and/ or active isolated stretching.  This class is for all levels.


This class starts with some drills against the wall and then moving over to the for the last part of class.  Incorporating handstands, forearm stands and other hand balancing moves will be taught on the pole & off the pole.  You should have some experience with being upside down on your hands or arms, prior to this class, but it is not mandatory.

EXPRESS Butt & Abs (30 min)

Basically addressing what is happening below the belt area on the body.  Some Physical therapy exercises, lunges, bridges, squats, plyo box exercises to give you a rocking bootah.

High heels

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